Galapiat Cirque



  • Divers

    All the staff wish you a happy new year !

  • Divers

    A 100% Galapiat Cirque event in the inner suburbs of Paris!

    4 days, 4 shows and 1 unique concert! At the invitation of Théâtre Firmin Gémier / La Piscine, Plus Petit Cirque du Monde and Théâtre de Châtillon, we will perform Boi and Capilotractées on 9th and 11th November, Marathon on 10th and 12th November, and Parasites on 11th and 12th November. On 10th November will be held a unique circus-concert with Impérial Orphéon!

  • Parasites

    Galapiat Cirque in Auch !

    at CIRCa 30th contemporary circus festival! Two performances of Parasites will be held at the beginning of the festival, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October. During the second week, we will organise a discussion for venue professionals on Friday, 27th October from 11am to 12am at the cinema complex ciné 32 (meeting hall). We will present our projects and more specifically our upcoming ...

  • Cirque & Mer

    Cirque et Mer- pocket-sized edition

    Little edition, big gathering Dear friend, We're so glad to invite you to a special Cirque & Mer day on Sunday the 27th of August in Pors-scaff in Plougrescant to celebrate together the end of summer enjoying chilled beer, daring circus performances and salt air. Our very best bowlers have been training tirelessly to provide a high-level competition for the mythical contest led by the ...

  • International

    Galapiat beyond the borders !

    No holidays for Galapiat as we're busy conquesting Europe. Find us : IN HUNGARY, for Wagabond at the Ordokatlan festival IN LATVIA, in Riga for BOI at the Piens Fest IN SWEDEN, in Finspang, for Mad in Finland at the Circuslottet festival IN GERMANY , in Lärz, for Parasites at the At.Tension festival

  • Parasites

    Parasites in Avignon !

    Here we go ! It is time for Parasites to pack up and hit the road toward l'Ile Piot. Join us on Occitanie fait son Cirque en Avignon festival site, on St Vincent de Paul space for 11 performances from tuesday the 11th to the sunday 23rd of July at 7pm ! More info here

  • On-site projects

    Générations Cirque: final days !

    Here we are ! The tent is set up and Tréguier hospital is ready to welcome the last two weeks of workshops and rehearsals with the inhabitants and the health-care students. To celebrate the end of this meaningful project, you're invited to join us at the Résidence Pierre-Yvon Trémel (behind the collège Ernest Renan) for three circus event: Saturday 24th at 3pm for the presentation of ...

  • Divers

    Wagabond in Commana

    Our favorite railcar is settling in the Monts d'Arrée for two weeks of residence and cultural activities in Commana. The whole team moved into the collège François Manach in order to work with the students on circus history and practice and about the book, Wagabond. We are also working on a special version of the show involving the students! Meet us at the Champ de Foire : Tuesday 6th of ...

  • On-site projects

    A new production created specially for the festival Avis de Temps Fort!

    At the invitation of the city of Port-Louis, Moïse Bernier, Chloé Derrouaz and Lucho Smit embark the local population in their new production "La première fois" ("the first time"). It is not always that easy to receive a first time, it is often a bit scary, immersing ourselves in some feverish, delightful and childish spheres to the point of abandonment sometimes… What if we did not give ...

  • C'est quand qu'on va où !?

    PREMIÈRES for C'est quand qu'on va où !?

    Ta-ta-taaam! C'est quand qu'on va où !?'s team is in starting blocks, ready for its FIRST SHOW! It'll take place at La Passerelle, Scène Nationale of Saint-Brieuc (22, Brittany) wednesday, november the 23rd at 3:00pm thursday, november the 24th at 8:30pm More information to be find on la Passerelle's website, here.