Galapiat Cirque

L'herbe tendre - The young grass

Playfull fight for two reckless perfomers.
A show Galapiat Cirque / Sébastien Wodjan & Jonas Séradin - fall 2018

What we are sharing here are some steps, some creative tracks we've been exploring and that we're still walking down. This work is likely to change before reaching its final shape.

 © François Alaitru

© François Alaitru

" We met each other more than 15 years ago : here we are, after all these years of chating and making plans, in the thick of it, facing each other, me juggler and me acrobat, 2 points of view that can still understand each other and spread ahead. After the experience of our solos Boi and Marathon, we're both today the captains of our own team. We still have to create the name of the game, some games to play to.. "

Jonas Séradin & Sébastien Wodjan

A large and empty corridor, a place of tension to welcome endless possibilities. On each side, some steps that can welcome 100 people each and grips the space.
Lenghtwise, this stage device mesuring 12 meters on 7 suggests the dynamics of a race. Across the width, the audience facing itself creates a tension that focuses the gazes in a common energy.

Just like photobooth snaps, or a photography contact-sheet, each picture is part of a bigger story, made of an infinity of captured vanishing moments.

The show is structured by sequences following each other. They are built and writen each on their rhythm, as complete adventures. For each sequence, the name of the game, the principle and the codes turn into something fully different.
Between 2 sequences, the two performers are back being Jonas and Sébastien and adress frontly the audience to introduce the next sequency in a Ringmaster way.

To be continued..

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