Galapiat Cirque

Risque Zéro

collective production – september 2008– 1:40 hour – from 6 years old

End of diffusion in october 2014, after 6 years of adventures and almost 250 shows !

© Denis Couvet

© Denis Couvet

Living with fear is pointless. This is an invitation to dare, to try everything, whether you are a hothead, wise or gutless. Two bearded giants with a childish allure, a long thin featured king, an aerial clown, an ingenuous photographer and the belle of the troupe who is not flustered by anything. The poetry of this group is distilled in innocent children’s games and the real dangers inherent to circus arts and life. The essence of their show is a mix of juggling, acrobatics and handstands characterized by breathtaking prowesses that intertwine with music, theater and comics. A performance without a backdrop, full of surprises, playful and risky. Just for the pleasure of it. Or almost…

Risque ZérO is a circus show that displays super heroes and a world that borrows from the children’s universe, their games and relationships. A real world in which cousins get together to play in the attic, slowly transform themselves, leave reality to plunge into a strange dream, an epic tale. Always on the move, our circus is made of the collective energy that animates the troupe, of the ups and downs of life together in our caravans around the big top. It is a conglomerate of the personality and soul of each and every member.

Risque ZérO is a unique performance, each time. It can be great. It can be a flop. Our circus is “spiralic”. It embarks the audience. It swirls. It is full of curves. It makes you lose your marks, it engenders a vertigo and leads to dizziness. The show is not about risks, it is a show that risks itself. It risks the story it tells. It risks itself to mystery, to danger, to emotions, to sand castles, to trembling, to awkwardness, to defeat, to screams. The show risks itself to silence and sometimes to too much noise. A show that swings between a desire to share and the intransigency of freedom.

The show Risque ZérO by the Galapiat Company was a collective production, brought to life by Gilles Cailleau in 2008. In the beginning, it toured in theatres but it needed constant readjustments, the trapeze did not fit and not before long came a growing frustration of not apprehending circus as a global experience.
Touring with our own Big Top became a necessity, with it we travelled all over France and the rest of the world, almost 250 performances, we don’t really know anymore (we’ve lost the exact count)… But we do remember these 6 adventurous years!
In Octobre 2014 – it seems like a long time ago already – the show was performed one last time in Amsterdam. A series of nine self-run shows in the heart of Westergazfabriek’s park. As a last challenge before starting a new chapter.

Turning the page, but continuing to write a story collectively. Today, Galapiat Cirque is a collective of about 30 professionals accompanied by 100 volunteers. The organisation supports no less than eight different productions (some of them are available on tour and some others are still in development), projects involving locals in the French region of Brittany, events...
A collective attempting a different model, at our level. Cooperative management, consensus decision-making, benevolent funding... Or how to continue moving ahead together even if our agendas and projects drive us apart.
In a way, Risque ZérO brought together all this beautiful energy, our common denominator. The show enabled us to test the Big Top and the travelling, to build strong ties with some venues and places. Lucce* has created a comic book rendering homage to the show. Like a story board written in hindsight, so as not to forget, to be reminded of the moments that made us laugh or moved us. To keep it close to our heart…
Risque ZérO is over but our story is alive!

© Lucce* Illustration

extract of Risque Zéro's comic book - © Lucce* Illustration

Show of and with :Elice Abonce, Sébastien Armengol, Moïse Bernier, Jonas Séradin, Lucho Smit, Sébastien Wojdan
Outside view :Gilles Cailleau
Lighting design :Gautier Gravelle
Light production :Gautier Gravelle
Sound production :Luc Mainaud
Administration :Nolwenn Manac’h, Lucile Mulliez, Emmanuelle Nonet

Production : Association Galapiat Cirque
Partners : DMDTS - Ministère de la Culture, Région Bretagne, Conseil Général des Côtes d'Armor, Mairie de Langueux, ADAMI
Co-production : La Cascade - Bourg St Andéol (07), Espace Athic, Obernai (67)
Residencies : Le Grand Pré - Langueux (22), Gardens - Marseille (13), Cirk'Eole –Montigny-les-Metz (57), Arc en Cirque - Chambéry (73), Balthazar - Montpellier (34).
Support : Le Grand Pré, Langueux (22), Le Domaine de la Roche Jagu, Ploëzal (22), La Cie Attention Fragile, Marseille (13), La Cascade, Bourg St Andéol (07), Cirque Gervais Klising (22), Emmaüs 22, Cie Les Choses de Rien (75), Le Cri de L'ormeau (22), Association Marée Haute (22), Le Fourneau, Brest (29).

« Our only baggage are our 20 years, we’ve got our parents’ experience, we don’t give a stuff about anything, our happiness always comes too late, when we love, it’s for a lifetime, a life that lasts no longer than a cry (...), we are into everything, we say I love you, wether libra or leo, we don’t care we’re lions. »
Léo Ferré, Vingt Ans.