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  • Château Descartes

    Chalon dans la Rue festival

    D-10 before taking the road to Chalon! Everything go faster, stress increasing. We can't wait to be there! Teams of Château Descartes and ParasiteS are working non stop! montage vidéo : Federico Robledo Download the programmation of the collective Chalon dans la Rue festival - from the 21st till the 24st of july at Chalon sur Saône (71)

  • Château Descartes

    Château Descartes : the teaser!

    We are proud to show you the new Château Descartes' teaser, realised by the incredible Alexandre Lopez! Château Descartes, la bande-annonce par Alex Lopez

  • Château Descartes

    Château Descartes recruits !

    Château Descartes, Lucho Smit's show, is searching for a Tour Manager ! Find here the document with every details! You can send your CV + motivation letter before the 1st of december. © Enrico Bartolucci

  • Château Descartes

    Château Descartes en résidence à Antony

    The tent is upp at the Espace Cirque of Antony (Théâtre Firmin-Gémier/La Piscine - 92). Lucho, Mika, Fede, Anna and Fanny will go back to work where it stoped in last July on Château Descartes. Romain comes to work on lights, Benjamin on costumes. Renaud composed and recorded the music, Cille comes to take care and advise them... A big step for them. Almost the end before the première ...