Galapiat Cirque


a show Galapiat Cirque / Moïse Bernier - created in september 2015
clown, musical and poetical circus - 70 min - from 7 years +

During 5 years, it performed nearly 80 times between 2015 and 2020 in France, Germany, Austria, Lithuania... And then, the health crisis, the 1st and 2nd confinements, and a series of cancellations got the better of us, and sounded the end of this beautiful adventure... which will nevertheless remain engraved in our heads and in our hearts!

Empty sky and gaping desire. An emergency occurs. Three collapsing characters are trying to escape from the incessant commotion of the world. While falling they try to rise beyond their mediocre lives. Yet, from anger to relief, laughter to tears, nothing will be easier than being together, surpassing their differences. How to invent a collective harmony in their playful parasitising? How to liberate them from their original restlessness? How to give them wings? However, let us be cautious. The roles assigned to each of them by all appearances might not be those they should be nor those we think they are…
Parasites is a declaration of love to life and its deviations. And this existential, essential parable is not to be taken too lightly…

Clown, musical and poetical circus

Parasites' teaser © Alexandre Lopez

Moïse Bernier, initiator

After seven years of circus schools and upon graduation from the CNAC (French National Center of Circus Arts) in 2007, Moïse is one of the founding artists of the Compagnie Galapiat. He takes part in the collective creation Risque Zéro (2008) that tours under a Big Top until the end of 2014. At the same time, he participates in the organisation of the festival Tant qu’il y aura des Mouettes in Langueux (Brittany, France), homeport of Galapiat Cirque Association. He contributes actively to its development through the collective debate and orientations taken by Galapiat’s organisation in Brittany, in France and overseas. In parallel, he collaborates in various other projects (Le vol du rempart – Compagnie Mauvais Coton, Compagnie des Nouveaux Nez, Compagnie Agence de Voyages Imaginaires, etc...)
In 2014, he meets the director Sébastien Bournac (Compagnie Tabula Rasa) during the creation of the show Ouvertures, for the unveiling of Scène Nationale d’Albi theatre (France).
In 2015, Moïse Bernier decides to carry out his own project with all he has been storing in mind for the last 10 years. His character, a clown who asks existential questions, always in search of answers. Words piled up at the back of his mind or on pieces of paper. And heaps of authors... He also investigates various ways of using the Chinese Pole in different declinations (small and big poles, angled pole, weeble pole, flexible pole…).
The artistic encounter with the two associate musicians, Nicolas Lopez (violonist and composer, among other things) and Thomas Garnier (flutist, guitarist, drummer and composer, among other things) has something magical and very strong about it. The encounter with Sébastien Bournac who gives an artistic insight is just as strong. Parasites emerges through theatre, clown and circus, and also a unique acoustic dimension proper to the musicians’ universe. Three characters try to liberate themselves from the too often unanswered existential questions that cause the numerous and incessant parasitising of our daily lives.

ParasiteS, extrait © Alexandre Lopez

Authors and performers: Moïse Bernier, Thomas Garnier, Nicolas Lopez
Artistic insight: Sébastien Bournac
Head of sound: Vincent Travaglini
head of light: Anthony Lopez
Costumes and stage design: Nadège Renard
Building advisor: Yohan Nicol
Production and touring management: Marine Freslon
Office management: Emmanuelle Nonet
Production: Galapiat Cirque

Coproduction: Le Prato, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque - Lille (59) / Le festival des Sept Collines – Association Les Films de l’Imparfait - St Etienne (42) / Itinéraires Bis (Association de développement culturel et artistique des Côtes d’Armor) - Saint Brieuc (22) / Le Fourneau - Centre National des arts de la rue - Brest (29) / Théâtre le Champ du Roy - Guingamp (22).

Residencies: Le Firmament, théâtre de Firminy (42) en partenariat avec le Festival les 7 collines-Association Les Films de l'Imparfait - St Etienne (42) / le Théâtre le Champ du Roy - Guingamp (22) / Le Fourneau – Centre National des Arts de la Rue - Brest (29) / Le Prato, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque - Lille (59). This production receives the support of DRAC Bretagne.

CONTACT : Marine Freslon - - +33 6 74 08 47 28