Galapiat Cirque

The approach

Galapiat Cirque was born from a desire of exploration, from a wish to travel and to set up our tents all around the world. Ever since, our 6 founder artists have been criss-crossing the roads of Nordic countries and south america with their creations looking for new perspectives.

We ended up wondering how we could move into this desire of travel and the company took the time to define and to think it's projects abroad with the support of Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne and their program DeploY.

Today, Galapiat wants to put the notion of exchange back in the center of it's wanderings. Because we think it's important to have a next step to our experiences and discoveries, we want to give a other dimension to the moment when we come back and to invite the friends met along the road.
To give a long-term dimension to our exchanges with the individuals, community centers or local institutions met during the trip, we'd like to consider ourselves as a host country as well and to become the travel place of someone else.

We would also like to try considering what dimension could our local projects take internationaly. Those special moments of encountering with the locals, with theirs stories and with places usually avoided by the circus could take another dimension melted in a foreign langage and culture.
That's why today it seems meaningful to get the local projects out of Brittany and to try out our skills to different stakes and on different fields.

This summer 2017, Galapiat Cirque is taking over the world !
With a tour over Argentine, Château Descartes is a huge part of our year, but Mad In Finland and Wagabond also have their stakes as they are respectively performing at the international circus festival Cirkusslottet in Sweden and at the festival Ordogkatlan festival in Hungary.