Galapiat Cirque

9 km²

Travelling on 9,21 km² throughout the locality of Langueux

A local cycling journey – a tour to meet the inhabitants

For more than 7 years, close links have been growing between the city of Langueux and Galapiat Cirque.
The locality is the base for the reflection, the launching and the operating process of the projects. Today, Galapiat Cirque has its headquarters and office in the town and acts locally with council approval and encouragement.

The project:
- research period at the Grand Pré theatre
- 9,21 km² tour
- a cycling journey
- 10 days
- one show
- 8 performances
- many encounters!

50 minutes / All audiences / indoor and outdoor (the show has been performed during a cycling tour throughout Brittany in 2014)

What is 30 seconds?
A circus cocktail of poetic dancing, hopeless juggling and flippant humour.
A Brasilian and an Argentinian cycling on the roads of Brittany, that’s a strange sight!
But a Brasilian and an Argentinian who don’t know how to dance the Tango or the Samba, who don’t like meat and have never been able to do anything with a football, that is unheard of...!
Even more so as they carry on their bikes a Chinese pole, stakes, mallets and clubs, a sound system and their eccentric vision that will turn this encounter into an unforgettable journey.

Concept and design: Federico Robledo and Philippe Ribeiro
Backup: François Alaitru
Arts forms: Chinese pole, acrobatics, dance, handstands, juggling, bike