Galapiat Cirque

9 km²

Travelling on 9,21 km² throughout the locality of Langueux

A local journey – a tour to meet the inhabitants

For more than 10 years, close links have been growing between the city of Langueux and Galapiat Cirque.
The locality is the base for the reflection, the launching and the operating process of the projects. Today, Galapiat Cirque has its headquarters and office in the town and acts locally with council approval and encouragement.

The project:
- research period at the Grand Pré theatre
- 9,21 km² tour
- 10 days
- 8 performances
- many encounters in many distrits with the inhabitants

This year, Moise Bernier, Stéphane Dassieu and Lucie Lemaitre are invited to Langueux around the show La Brise de la Pastille. Together they leave for 10 days of artistic residence to meet the inhabitants to be inspire, to meet each other, to invest places...

  • The 22nd of september at 10h30 : show at le Grand Pré, Langueux for the season opening and to present the project.

  • The 29th of september at 18h30 : show in "la Croix Samson district" - Rue du clos Mène Langueux

  • The 30th of september at 16h : show in rue Clause Nougaro Langueux.