Galapiat Cirque

Mad in Finland

A show Galapiat Cirque / Collectif MAD - Created in April 2012
Under Big Top or proscenium stage version - duration 75mn – from 5 years and older

The seven artists that make up Mad in Finland have in common the fact that they are circus women, are Finnish and have left their country to live from their passion for the circus.

With lots of humour, love and energy, the seven women of Mad in Finland reveal their country, how they perceive or dream about it. An imaginary and reinvented Finland where Finnish depression has something magical about it, where the harshness of climate engenders strong natures.

The show is also about circus because that is what the artists are fully immersed in, having chosen to live on the road, perform in Big Tops and showing to the best of their abilities very skilled techniques.

These seven women express themselves through different circus skills: swinging trapeze, tightrope walking, handstands, foot juggling, aerial silks, clown, singing and live music.

Artists on stage:
Milla Lahtinen,
Mirja Jauhiainen,
Jenni Kallo,
Nelli Kujansivu,
Heini Koskinen or Viivi Roiha,
Sanja Kosonen or Ulla Tikka,
Teija Sotikoff

Artists creation 2012:
Elice Abonce Muhonen,
Mirja Jauhiainen,
Sanna Kopra,
Stina Kopra,
Heini Koskinen,
Sanja Kosonen,
Lotta Paavilainen

Artistic advisor on music: Rémi Sciuto.
Outside eye: Siri Hamari.
Lighting design: Gautier Gravelle or Nicolas Gastard
Production manager and props: Bernard Molinier
Head of sound: Mathias Lejosne or Franck Beaumard
Tour manager: Anne Heuveline - L'Avant Courrier
Office manager: Yvain Lemattre and Camille Rondeau
Photographs and drawing : Sébastien Armengol, Paola Jorquera, Lucce*

Production : Galapiat Cirque
Supports : La Cascade, Maison des arts du Clown et du Cirque, Arts Council of Finland, La Comédie de Caen, Centre Dramatique National de Normandie (14) ; La Brèche, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque, Cherbourg Octeville (50)


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