Galapiat Cirque

L'âne & la carotte

Produced by Galapiat Cirque / Lucho Smit
Premiere March 5th 2020
For all audiences - Indoor venues and big top

For most of its history, circus has been occupied by prowess and technical skills. Taming wild animals or mastering a dangerous acrobatic figure can be considered as an expression of Man’s superiority over Nature and over natural forces such as gravity.

Today, the circus artist’s actions are more like attempts to reach a certain limit. It’s not so much about achieving an objective but more about the struggle to overcome one’s own limitations. This means of course that the artist will never achieve his ultimate goal.

In short; this is the tragic story of the donkey and the carrot.

So there he is, stubborn and obsessed with an objective he will never reach; our hero persists in going always faster, further, higher... With the support of his faithful helper and his dear audience he will come to understand that his quest is vain, but is it better to change one’s own desires rather than try to change the world ?

Team :
Author and performer : Lucho Smit
Ring technician : Frédéric Vetel
Lighting design : Gautier Gravelle
Costumes : Héloïse Calmet
Stage design and management : Gautier Gravelle and Jules Pierret
Artistic collaborators : Olivier Antoine, Harm van der Laan, Émilie Bonnafous
Building : Guillaume Roudot
Production & touring management : Camille Rondeau
Office management : Yvain Lemattre and Camille Rondeau
Acknowledgements : Danielle Le Pierrès, Federico Robledo, Loïc Chauloux and Lucce

Partners :
Plateforme 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie / La Brèche à Cherbourg (50) - Cirque-Théâtre d'Elbeuf (76) ; La Villette (Paris - 75) ; Le Carré Magique - Pôle National des Arts du Cirque en Bretagne (Lannion - 22) ; École Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault (86) ; Les 3T-Scène conventionnée de Châtellerault (86) ; Espace Périphérique (Mairie de Paris - La Villette - 75) ; Théâtre ONYX, Scène conventionnée de Saint-Herblain (44) ; Cirk’Eole (Montigny-lès-Metz - 57) ; AY-ROOP (Rennes - 35) ; TRIO…S - Scène de territoire pour les arts du cirque (Inzinzac-Lochrist - 56) ; Espace La Maillette (Locminé - 56) ; Théâtre de Lorient, Centre dramatique national (56).
With the help of SPEDIDAM.

CONTACT: Camille Rondeau / / (+33)6 31 45 19 93