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Tant qu'il y aura des Mouettes ("As long as there will be seagulls") has been conceived as a time of encounters.
An artistic meeting between Circus and Music. Meeting of young and old, of artists and passers-by, volunteers and neighbours. Meeting between the off-beat and the wise, a twilight moment. A noisy bazaar of odeurs and stars. A time when time stands still, a moment of simplicity, sobriety and liberty.

Plenty of space given to testing, experimenting. Propositions undergoing maturation rubbing shoulders with mature productions. A hope of creating a different way of life and ways of "being together".

Tant qu'il y aura des Mouettes was an important time in Galapiat Cirque's year, and it has been so since 2009 !
In 2016 Galapiat took the opportunity of the eighth edition of the festival to celebrate properly it's ten years with all of you, old friends, partners in crime, fellow travelers and precious volunteers.
For now, we decided to have a break and to give ourselves some time to experiment, to consider new projects and new forms under which we could rebuilt those important times of gathering.
We'll be back soon with more circus, music, creations, workshops, circus tents.. and more of you!

Click here to see pictures of the festival’s last editions
The programme is elaborated by Galapiat's artists. Organised by Galapiat Cirque and Le Grand Pré/City of Langueux
8th edition / since 2008. (pause in 2014)

Organisational partners and supports: Mairie de Langueux / le Grand Pré, Langueux
Financial partners: Conseil Général des Côtes d'ArmorRégion BretagneAgglomération de St Brieuc
Festival partners: Emmaüs 22, Saint-Brieuc, Media partners: Cri de l'Ormeau, Le Télégramme, Ouest-France, le Penthièvre, Côtes d'Armor magazine, Radio ActivDixit

Many many thanks to all our volunteers, neighbours, cooks, decorators, artists and technicians... Thanks to the team of the Grand Pré theatre, to the technical department and municipal councillors of the city of Langueux, to Emmaüs 22, to the Association du Petit Train des Côtes du Nord, to the Cri de l'Ormeau, thanks to the Association Galapiat Cirque. Thanks to all the people that participated and made the big adventure come true.

Thanks to our financial partners that trust us: le Grand Pré, la Ville de Langueux, la Région Bretagne, le Conseil Général des Côtes d'Armor, Saint-Brieuc Agglomération. Thanks to the French artists' insurance system that makes such event possible, let's keep on fighting to maintain it, the Arts need it.

Thank you and enjoy your festival!

©Sébastien Armengol

Sébastien Armengol

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