Galapiat Cirque

La Brise de la Pastille

Produced by Galapiat Cirque / Moïse Bernier Clown, Music and Existentialism - 30 to 45 min - For all audiences – Versatile production

An acrobatic clown on a Chinese pole asking existential questions. A musician and a unique sonorous ambience. Empty words to question life on Earth…

Surrounded by emptiness, flirting with it, his hand feels the sheer underlying weight. He gains height and starts a desperate pursuit. Intimidated by the commotion of the world, up there, he tries putting one foot in front of the other. Step by step, word for word, emotionally overwhelmed, it is as if everything gets mixed up in his clown’s head. Now is no more than an instant.
It will be necessary to let go, start again until thirst for life! If losing one’s grip means losing face then luckily there is the other hand when one hand is worned out. Trying to breathe properly in an attempt to be unsettled...

An artist of the multi-talented collective Galapiat Cirque (Risque ZérO, Parasites...), Moïse Bernier for a number of years has been performing his excentric and gentle clown who is also a Chinese pole expert. Accompanied by a firmly grounded musician, the clown reaches for the sky. You will be surprised, like the bow on the strings, it can squeak, creak and explode. With their pockets full of pseudo tricks, they blow you away and warm your heart.

Clown - Music – Chinese pole

Teaser © Zoé Lamazou

Moïse Bernier, initiator
After seven years of circus schools and upon graduation from the CNAC (French National Center of Circus Arts) in 2007, Moïse is one of the founding artists of the Compagnie Galapiat. He takes part in the collective creation Risque Zéro (2008) that tours under a Big Top until the end of 2014. At the same time, he participates in the organisation of the festival Tant qu’il y aura des Mouettes in Langueux (Brittany, France), homeport of Galapiat Cirque Association. He contributes actively to its development through the collective debate and orientations taken by Galapiat’s organisation in Brittany, in France and overseas. In parallel, he collaborates in various other projects (Le vol du rempart – Compagnie Mauvais Coton, Compagnie des Nouveaux Nez, Compagnie Agence de Voyages Imaginaires, etc...) In 2014, he meets the director Sébastien Bournac (Compagnie Tabula Rasa) during the creation of the show Ouvertures, for the unveiling of Scène Nationale d’Albi theatre (France). In 2015, Moïse Bernier decides to carry out his own project with all he has been storing in mind for the last 10 years. His character, a clown who asks existential questions, always in search of answers. Words piled up at the back of his mind or on pieces of paper. And heaps of authors... He also investigates various ways of using the Chinese Pole in different declinations (small and big poles, angled pole, weeble pole, flexible pole…).

Touring conditions:
The originality of the show is that it is performed in unusual locations: in a church, a castle, a forest, a cemetery, on an island, in a dump, an abandoned factory, a quarry, a farm, a school... This list is not exhaustive and each location generates its own story… With his previous projects, Moïse has had the opportunity to perform in a big top, experiencing its circular dimension, codes and intimate relationship with the audience, its fragrance, dust and festive coziness. He has also experienced theatre - with the show Parasites in particular - performing in front of an audience, with more comfort and conventional codes. At the same time, he has performed in various venues such as an abandoned forest, a foggy alpine pasture, in a flock of sheep, in sacred places… Our experience feeds on villages, trees, rivers. Town squares and streets. People and their stories. We do our best to embark the spectators somewhere else beyond the scene and the artists. We take time to look that place, from a distance, or by paying attention to details. Taking time to get there, look for the various possibilities to perform, explore the potential of the playing area. Drawing inspiration from the environment, the context and sharing it in our own way. This is possible thanks to the low tech stage design of the production.

A production initiated by Moïse Bernier
Text: Moïse Bernier
Music: Nicolas Lopez, or Madeg Menguy, or Stéphane Dassieu (according to availabilities and project)
Production and touring manager: Marine Freslon
Office management: Yvain Lemattre

Production: Galapiat Cirque
Production residencies: Association La Loggia - Arrête ton Cirque - Paimpont (35) ; Galapiat Cirque - Tant qu’il y aura des Mouettes - Langueux (22); Le P’tit Cirk - Pont-Menou (22) ; Le Grand Pré - Langueux (22).
Galapiat Cirque is supported by Conseil Régional de Bretagne, Conseil Départemental des Côtes d’Armor, Saint-Brieuc Agglomération, Mairie de Langueux - Le Grand Pré, Institut Français, DGCA - Aide à l’itinérance.

CONTACT : Marine Freslon - - +33 6 74 08 47 28