Galapiat Cirque

A territorial project

Getting together and sharing are at the center of every project within our organisation.

We explore new grounds and territories, continuously attempting to bring Culture elsewhere, “to go where Circus does not often go”.

Our project connects different sectors of activity, audiences and is inter-generational...

Galapiat Cirque has developed strong ties with local communities, other organisations and individuals, intermingling in diverse areas - education, social care, health, Arts and culture.

We act at many different levels: Agglomération de Saint-Brieuc (urban area of Saint-Brieuc, Brittany), Côtes d'Armor (French department of the Côtes d'Armor, Brittany), Région Bretagne (Brittany region) and on a national and international scale.

Circus is a popular and federative art form, which can instigate social change and personal transformation.

Galapiat Cirque coalesces people in a society where collective and cooperative projects make us stronger and more resourceful.

If you are interested in the concept, please contact our organisation so that we can set up a project together, adaptable to your environment, using our different productions, big tops and the creative vitality of the artistic collectives.

Carte blanche à la Croix Saint Lambert, juin 2016 
Carte blanche à la Croix Saint Lambert, juin 2016