Galapiat Cirque

La F.R.A.P.

First and foremost is a desire to invent arenas for the Arts and the public, which generates the feeling that ephemeral creation is possible and a necessity, so as to meet constantly different audiences and continue investigating together, the reason for which we call our skills, Performing Arts.
The F.R.A.P. for the project Opér'Aligre.

The Research and Poetical Action Force (F.R.A.P.) is a laboratory composed of seven founding artists - Barbara Gay, Céline Valette, Chloé Derrouaz, Fedérico Robledo, Jonas Séradin, Nanda Suc and Yves-Marie Leguen – who work together on multidisciplinary and ephemeral shows.

Performing for the first time together in 2013 for a carte blanche they were given by the Festival du Film Insulaire de l’île de Groix (Brittany – France) ,they decided to perpetuate these specific productions, involving a different way of meeting the audience, and interacting with the project of the receiving venue.
Today, the collective comprises about twelve artists of various disciplines: circus, theatre, dance and music. They come together regularly for research periods and ongoing professional development programs during which they create the poetical material on which their performances are based.

They experiment collectively, taking over public and unconventional spaces, creating “on the spot”, thus enabling them to share most steps of the creative process with the public.

These unique ephemeral in situ shows draw their inspiration from the setting they take place in, spaces in which the performance takes on a meaning that echoes with its surroundings: the environmental, social and cultural context, human and historical background…

Today, the F.R.A.P. wish to investigate:
- territories – the sea, the islands, the suburbs, the villages, the countryside, the natural areas, the borders, the West, the East, the North and the South, Argentina...
- moments – festivals, the highlights and other moments of daily life, rendez-vous, meetings, neighborhood parties...
- relationships – with neighbors, festival-goers, inhabitants, the grumpy, the happy, the audacious, the shy, the volunteers and those who do less…

Jonas Séradin: acrobat, singer, dancer, builder
Céline Valette: Circus artist on the ground, in the air and on stage: aerial silks, cloud swing, stilts, contortion, clown
Chloé Derrouaz: Circus artist who likes being in the air: aerial hoop, Korean-style teeterboard, singer, gambler
Barbara Gay: Comedian, clown, puppeteer, visual artist
Federico Robledo: acrobat, dancer, clown
Yves Marie Leguen: Circus artist in love with the heights, teeterboard, singer, oyster farmer
Nanda Suc: Dancer, acrobat, singer, clown
Madeg Menguy: Musicien poly instrumentalist, gambler, circus artist: teeterboard