Galapiat Cirque

Cycling tour


Renewing the experience for the 4th time this year, Galapiat Cirque gives the oppportunity to artists to go and meet the public by cycling across the Brittany region with a show in their saddlebags.
This pleasant and peaceful means of tranport allows us to explore new paths, roads where our trucks and big tops can’t go; we take time to meet the public, we swap our caravans for a bed at someone’s place. We need to adapt to each different place thus generating social ties.

This year, our friends from Cirque Inachevé (Lille, North of France), will take the road with their show Piste & Love.

Piste & Love

The first one is short and stocky, broad and deeply rooted, the other one is thin and slender like a beanpole.
Piste and Love is almost a silent performance, like Tex Avery or Laurel and Hardy. It delicately revisits the perpetual need of recognition that animates us and puts us in competition with each other.
The artists’ dexterity hits the bull's eye but humour soon gets the upper hand!

Authors and performers: Thomas Dequidt and Antoine Clée
Back up: François Alaitru and Benoît Fauchier

CONTACT: François ALAITRU / +33 (0)6 35 42 71 60 /