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La Première Fois - The First Time

La Première Fois – Participatory artistic residency in Port Louis – from the 15th to the 25th of may 2017

 © François Alaitru et Guillaume Blaise 
© François Alaitru et Guillaume Blaise

Invited by Port-Louis city for 10 days Moïse Bernier, Chloé Derrouaz and Lucho Smit took over the shore hidden by the citadel. During daily workshops outdoor or under the Grande Poudrière roof, they picked up 22 inhabitants with them in their respective artistic world to create all together La Première Fois..

We're not always ready to welcome a first time, it's often scary, we confront a febrile place, childlike and playful, sometimes it even leads us to giving up... What if, for once, we refused to give up and pushed our limits ? What if we went on stage togther, if we propelled ourselves in the air, if we faced the verticality of a chinese pole, what if for once we talked about first times with the frankness of our living bodies...

After 10 days of residency, La Première fois was performed the 25th of may as part of Avis de Temps Fort Festival. The inhabitants explore the fragile balance of a bunch of pupil chairs, confront the dizziness of a pole... La Première Fois, was a lot of chills, of mutual assistance, and above all a lot of fun !

This creation united 22 inhabitants of the Left Bank, 11 children and 11 adults, from 4 to 83 years old, regardless of their generation, their origin or their activity. During 10 days and with a real team spirit, this short-lived group wrote the show, learnt to trust each other, experiences first times, took some high over things...