Galapiat Cirque

Travel diaries

From September to November 2011, the Galapiat Company overstepped the boundaries between Argentina and Chile to perform Risque Zéro.

Émilie Bonnafous & Sébastien Armengol and Lucie Lemaître & Nelly Sabbagh from Des Figures relate the big trip in two travel diaries.
Interwoven portraits, both intimate and respectful of people met on the road, of the troupe travelling and each one’s personal interrogations. A set of two diaries, photographs and narrations.

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Sur le chemin de la route : 15 € / Carne : 28 € / Both of them : 41 € Self-published by Galapiat Cirque Association and Des Figures.

CARNE Lucie Lemaître & Nelly Sabbagh from Des Figures

33 portraits of Argentinians and Chileans, faces encountered on the road. The odyssey of a circus troupe. 13 voices off stage which recount their story and question. In a twilight zone, “el verbo se hizo carne”.
CARNE is co-signed by Lucie Lemaitre and Nelly Sabbagh, documentary reporter and photographer of Des Figures. CARNE makes the choice of highlighting faces discreetly unmasking the different facets of someone unknown through trivial means or grandiose sincerity. Words and images woven into raw and tender stories, encounters…

SUR LE CHEMIN DE LA ROUTE Sébastien Armengol & Émilie Bonnafous

Sur le chemin de la route recounts from the inside the daily life of a group. A combination of travel diary and poetry. Sébastien Armengol is the photographer and one of the artists of Galapiat Company. Emilie Bonnafous accompanied the group by exploring and writing about the lands across the Atlantic whilst pursuing her work as a clown which is her passion. This book of words, photographs and drawings offers you a Galapiat trip through the Andes.

© Sébastien Armengol