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La Brise de la Pastille is preparing a Book-Disc

La Brise de la Pastille was really born in 2018 in Reunion Island, during the "Leu Tempo Festival". It will celebrate its 100th performance this summer.
Five years of working on this show, rewriting it, analysing every word, every note, every tear or laugh it provokes. We've been asked for the text, the music, we've been looking for traces of it elsewhere... So here is the idea, we are going to make a book-disc of it!
A book. A book for everyone, spectators or not of La Brise, from 7 and more. But not only a book-memory-Souvenir-trace. What to do with all this, when the show itself is over, while the word, the play is to be continued? To seize the book as another field of experimentation, of continuation of the show. A book as a track, a stage. Linking visual, intellectual and sound disciplines. To preserve the trace of what has been and continue the path...
What the book expresses, defends, sings: Normality, impassivity, the fear of missing out on the other, on oneself! To push to express, to exult, to live! A cry of love to life, to its fragility, to its deviations, to its gaps, and to bring the extraordinary back to oneself, like beauty at one's feet, as the clown kneels in front of a woman spectator: "you are beautiful, seen from your feet!  Reminding us that everyone knows, everyone has a truth and admitting that not knowing, or not knowing properly, is not serious, we don't care. We will read the book, we will look at it, we will listen to it, we will do everything the wrong way, because the important thing is each of us. "Where do I stand with you and you with me?" asks the clown. This is the question the book will ask again...