Galapiat Cirque


L'âne et la carotte : "Premières" !!

Here we are... !

The release of the latest addition to our happy collective is imminent!

** Premieres ** as part of ** [SPRING] ( **

THURSDAY, MARCH 5 - 9 p.m. at La Brèche (with Le Trident, Scène nationale) / Cherbourg (50) SUNDAY, MARCH 15 - 4 p.m. at Centre Culturel Le Siroco / Saint-Romain-de-Colbosc (76)

L'âne et la carotte, produced by Galapiat Cirque / Lucho Smit

In the arena, a man has set himself a challenge : he must carry on a series of feats. The lion's jump and other must-sees are reviewed like the burning seal's act, the cowboy's act, a small trapeze routine, tumbling down a rope, uncanny balancing acts, walking on a tightrope and the mad cook's exploits. Subborn and obsessed by a goal he can never reach, he persists in going even faster, further, higher... But with the help of his fellow ring boy and his dear audience, he might eventually understand that his quest is vain and a lost cause and that he better change his desires rather than the world's order.