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L'essaim / La Brise de la Pastille in participative version

Saturday 28 May 2022, Canet (34) with le Sillon

Another beautiful project is also being written with Le Sillon - Scène Conventionnée d'Intérêt National / Art en Territoire, in Canet (34), with the participation of the inhabitants who will come and take part in the show.

A first residency will take place from April 26th to 30th, a second one from May 24th to 27th.

And then it will be the big day: 1 unique performance for this participative form of La Brise de la Pastille, on May 28th at 6pm at Espace St Martin, Canet (34)

For this project, Moïse is always accompanied by his 2 acolytes Aude Beaudoin and Pierre Lordet.