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L'essaim / La Brise de la Pastille in participative version

Sunday 15 May 2022, Brest - Lambézellec (29) with la Maison du Théâtre

A beautiful project is being written with the Maison du Théâtre and the Lambézellec district town hall, with the participation of the inhabitants who will come and take part in the show.

8 days of residency between the 5th and the 14th of May, for a performance on the big day of the "Pont de la Brass" festival! 1 unique performance for this participative form of La Brise de la Pastille, on 15 May at 4pm in the Bois de la Brasserie.

For this project, Moïse is accompanied by his 2 acolytes Aude Beaudoin and Nicolas Lopez.

Organised by la Maison du Théâtre in partnership with the Lambézellec neighbourhood town hall.