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"Tant qu'il y aura des Mouettes" festival Château Descartes

Thursday 28 April 2016, le Grand Pré theatre - Langueux (22)

René Descartes is a French philosopher of the 17th century, he is considered the founder of Modern Thought.
Indeed, eventoday, mankind continues to amass new knowledge on the basis of the theories he elaborated.

Just like school chairs, René Descartes’ principles give the impression of being unshakeable, solid and comforting. Howeverthey are not as solid as they appear to be, with their accumulation, a doubt comes to prevail unmasking their apparent solidity. Hence, all our knowledge is discredited: all has been built on a house of cards ("château de cartes" in French).

Château Descartes is performed by five circus artists with an affinity for risktaking, movement and uncertainty. Seeking the limits of the established rules, they perform and reveal in a personal manner as well as collectively the effects that the Cartesian legacy and the school chairs have on theirlives.

thursday 28 april - 9:00pm