Galapiat Cirque

Galapiat Circus

Galapiat [galapja] n. m. from old French : a rascal, a hobo, a scallywag

Galapiat Cirque supports, creates and produces shows, events and generates social ties.
Galapiat Cirque, consists of multiple itineraries, new productions, all sorts of different projects and a local anchorage in Brittany that is becoming stronger and stronger.
Galapiat Cirque Cirque is a General interestco-operative (SCIC) of about50 members,artists, back office, technicians, friends, local authorities and partners.
Galapiat Cirque aims at bringing culture to other territories by reinventing the means of gettingthere. "Go where Circus does not often go". Our goal is to connect different audiences, generations, sectors of activity around a show or a project...

We are convinced that circus is a popular and federative art form, an exceptional medium for generating social change and personal transformation.

There’s plenty more for you, just make your choice:
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