Galapiat Cirque

Mad in Finland - The film

A documentary film by Elice Abonce Muhonen / 2021 / 65 min / Color / 1 :2.39 / Stereo/ Subtitles : English, French, Spanish, Finnish

We are seven. Women. Finnish.
We are circus artists, we yell uproariously.
Seven ways to do this job and one collective creation to meet once in a while and practice it together.
In a sauna, on skis, running, or on a boat, we ask ourselves: « why do we do this? » After having toured the world and the question, we decided to make a movie.
To make cinema like we make a circus show.

Direction : Elice Abonce Muhonen
Starring : Heini Koskinen, Mirja Jauhiainen, Sanja Kosonen, Sanna Kopra, Stina Kopra, Elice Abonce Muhonen & Lotta Paavilainen
Screenplay : Elice Abonce Muhonen & Tsirihaka Harrivel
Cinematography : Tristan Galand, Tsirihaka Harrivel, Arnaud Gaudelle, Emmanuelle Alaitru, Elice Abonce Muhonen, Pauline Beau, Nelly Sabbagh, Fred Lepinay, Summer Hubbard, Raphaël Hérault & Aurélien Dehin
Additional footage : Philippe Dardelet, Vimala Pons, Selene Abonce Muhonen, Sophie Madigand, Sarah Balounaïck, Elexa Poropudas, Hannu Abonce Muhonen & Chloé Derrouaz.
Sound recording : Alexis Auffray, Tsirihaka Harrivel, Mathias Lejosne.
Editing : Elice Abonce Muhonen, Nelly Sabbagh, Fred Lepinay, Sarah Balounaïck, Esteban Kang, Tsirihaka Harrivel, Régis Noël, Maxime Emeriau, Elexa Poropudas, Maxime Moriceau, Clio Simon, Cécile Paturel, Joonas Henriksson
Original soundtrack: Elice Abonce Muhonen, Sylvain Briani-Colin, Madeg Menguy, Jérémy Manche, Violette Legrand, Chloé Derrouaz
Sound edit and sound mix: Plouf prod - Edgard Imbault, Pablo Salaun - L’oreille du chat
Colour grading: Brice Auger, Arnaud Gaudelle & Emmanuelle Alaitru

CONTACT : Anne Heuveline - - +33 6868201457