Galapiat Cirque

Looking for our home port…

After having occasionally set up our big tops at the Grand Pré theatre in Langueux, we feel a need to have a permanent port so that we can get together, recharge our batteries, think, invent and maximize our tools for resource sharing...

We don’t want to settle down. This place will be a launch base for our touring projects as well as a home to develop programs in the territory that has welcomed us.

We would like to build a unique relationship with the locality that will host us, between a collective of artists, education officers, technicians, a commune and its inhabitants.

We wish to set up an art space dedicated to creation and professional training but also welcoming and open to the locals. A true arena of freedom and experimentation, we would like it to be a place where different generations and people get together, using circus as a medium for generating social ties and transformation.

Saint Brieuc Agglo supports us in our initiative.